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Alistair Brown House Concert

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I just noticed this on the FSSGB website, in case anyone within driving distance is interested.




Thursday, July 20 2006, 2-4pm

W. Concord, MA

$12 for all, at the door; reservations required.

Email Suzanne Mrozak (suzanne@smrozak.com)

for reservations/directions.


"Alistair Brown has been singing the old songs, and new songs written by people who like the old songs, since he was fifteen years old. His career began helping out in the folk clubs of his native Scotland during the great folk scare of the 60s, opening bottles (and occasionally concerts ) for many of the great names in folk music, and performing guest spots whenever the sound man wasn't looking.


Audiences at concerts and festivals across North America and the UK have responded enthusiastically to his performances, covering the field from big ballads, comic ditties, songs of struggles (usually unsuccessful) against temptation, odes to conviviality and songs of unashamed sentimentality to outrageously funny stories from a master of the art - all this accompanied by anglo concertina, button accordion and harmonica. One minute he has them enthralled with a Child ballad, and the next, falling about as he describes the communication difficulties of a Glasgow holidaymaker and a Spanish barman.


He has entertained groups of elementary and secondary school pupils from 20 to 300 with songs and stories, been MC at many festivals and concerts, including hosting a symphony concert for a audience of 5000, has been guest on numerous radio and television programmes. He has called dances and has played in numerous dance bands. He has run courses on folk music in university and summer music camps, and has taught folk dance for many years.


Alistair has two solo recordings, and has appeared on recordings with many other artists including Grit Laskin, Margaret Christl, Ian Robb, David Parry, and as a member of Friends of Fiddlers Green. Recently, Alistair has joined up with Niall Timmins (Hunter's Moon) and Hudson Swan (Tannahill Weavers) to form feague.


Please join us for a lively and entertaining evening! "

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Oooo, that sounds like fun! I wonder if my daughter and her friend visiting from Sweden would think so? I'm supposed to be assisting my daughter in entertaining and showing the friend the wonderful sites of New England. Hmmmm...

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