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Concertina Band/harry Hail (hale) Glasgow

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Just joined and I have a question to ask of you. Can anyone give me information on my Grandfather a Francis William Buntain who as reported within the family had a band Harry Hail and the Hailers in the Glasgow area c1910. I have had his concertina fully restored by Wheatstone (No 25003) and really would like to have some history. My fathers family have all passed on and I have no other point of reference. Any information would be appreciated. My email address is: frankbuntain@hotmail.com Thanks

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For general info on the concertina in the Glasgow area, see this chapter from Stuart Eydmann: Life and Times.


Very interesting discussion. I now have a context in which to understand what's written inside the reed pan of my concertina. Seems it was bought right at the hight of the craze for the english concertina in Glasgow. It also helps to explain why everyone's first question is "Is it a Wheatstone?"


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