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Lachenal-a Village In South Central France

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The Lachenal I described is 10 km west of Périgueux....


Sqeezora's Lachenal is 1 hour north east of Tulle...

Does this help with the origin of Lachenal? This is in the mountains about 1 hour north east of Tulle and about 1/2 hour from where I live...

As you say yourself: Tulle is 100km east of Périgueux.

As Tulle is about 100 k east of Périgueux I am sure they are one and the same

So how are you so sure that they are one and the same??



There are several villages or hamlets in France named "LACHENAL" according to Michelin. What made me excited was that I was just driving around back roads and ran into the Lachenal sign. I'll go back soon and take some more photos. This is not the one near Périgueux. Both of these Lachenals are hundreds of kilometers west of Switzerland. Maybe the males in that area of Switzerland fled west to avoid being conscripted and shipped off to guard the Vatican! Just kidding, of course, but while only a tiny bit of seriousness was in my original post, I mostly thought that folks would enjoy knowing about such a place.

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Nice one. And who is now living in this village? Any concertina players?


Who's gonna be first to have their picture taken playing a Lachenal at the road sign.


Could become as famous as Abbey Road.








but sadly I don't have a Lachenal anymore thats playable. But I do have a nice Wheatstone.


anyone is welcome to use the photo I posted


There are a number of wonderful old TEMPLAR churches in this area and most are always open and no French person would be offended by a concertina player using the church to practice in unless it was in the middle of a funeral.

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Maybe an interesting pilgrimage for the concertinist!
Will sick concertinas be cured? :huh:
...sadly I don't have a Lachenal anymore thats playable.

If you have one that's currently not playable, it would seem to be the perfect opportunity to put Stephen's question to the test! :)

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Never the less, it should help with the origin of the Lachenals.
Shouldn't the plural of Lachenal now be Lachenaux?

Only if you're speaking/writing in French, but even then that could get extremely confusing; seeing that the family name Lachenaux (also Lachenaud) already exists in Corrèze, the same region of France. :huh:

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