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I played with an outfit ... that gloried in the name of The Hackney Martians.

Only nobody could see you, for the 'ouses in between? :huh:


Thought about being the Woolwich Fairies ...

That brings back some memories! I used to live in Leyton, and work in Chingford, so my number 69 bus home was usually going to the Woolwich Fairy (North Woolwich Ferry, for those who aren't east-enders). :)


Oh it really is a wery pretty garden

And Chingford to the eastward could be seen;

Wiv a ladder and some glasses,

You could see to 'Ackney Marshes,

If it wasn't for the 'ouses in between.


Edited by Stephen Chambers
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And before that there was Melons for Ecstacy, a title derived from an insane 'novel' by the same title. I don't recommend it especially, but the name did stick in people's minds, for good or ill.

And there was I, thinking that it was something to do with one of the band members!





Most people thought that. I think it was understandable, in the circumstances... :-)



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