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Hi! I'm Back, Sorry I Fell Off The Ends Of The Earth.

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Hello everyone, especially Al who scoured the ends of the earth for me and pulled me back on board!


Sorry. I had no idea everyone was so worried. I was so sick I was just existing. I work with emotionally disturbed kids and their families in their homes and they tend not to tell you that they are sick until you have been sitting amongst them for a few hours. I got some infection, ignored it, kicked off my asthma and got another infection before I got rid of the first. Things sort of spiraled out of control after that.


Also, I tend to think things will just magically get better on their own, given a few weeks or so. Plus our jobs have been in jeapardy, so I was pushing kind of hard to try to keep working and not pay doctor bills. I do not reccomend this approach to anyone.


The long and short of it is I became quite ill and took quite a while to get over it. I was trying to email Al to tell him that I was still breathing and truly appreciated his email and his concern when I got an IM. I meant to minimize it, but zapped it instead and had no idea who had IMed me. So I asked poor Al to apologize to that person also.


So. I am back at work. I AM PLAYING MY PIANO ACCORDION. And I am back on Cnet. Look out world, here I come.


Thank you so much for your loving concern. I appreciate it so much. I feel tons better and am glad to have so many friends. I will email everyone who emails me.

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Hi Helen,

Welcome back! I had tried to find your phone # to call, but you personally know from our trip to E. Durham that filing skills are not among my strong points.

(By the way, I have still not forgiven you for failing to sneak me into your concertina class with Edel Fox!)

Get well, play and prosper!



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Glad to see you back, though to be honest I hadn't realised that you had gone missing too, around the same time that I did last year, and I'm only back a few days myself (we'd better be careful, people might start putting 2 + 2 together, and rumours could start!!! :blink: ). I've had computer problems, and some health issues of my own too.


Anyway, Cruinniú na mBád is on from Thursday 17th to Sunday 20st August this year, and I'm still waiting for that waltz (now my ankle's better) ... :)

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Gee Greg I didn't hear you asking to get into Edel's class amongst all the accordion jokes. Nyah nyah.


Wow, hugs, I love them.


Yep, and Ken did immediately jump up and hug and kiss me when we first met. Wow, I thought, Cnetters are really friendly.


Stephen, tis funny we both had computer and health issues at the same time. Very very funny. (If we decide to run off together, we must keep posting on Cnet to throw everyone off. Or we could just get Al to cover for us. He does seem to be very resourceful.)


Ah, Al, you are such a dear. Thank you for being such a good friend.


Hey you guys, the accordion probably made me well. I am still working on how that is, but when I do ...


We are thinking (my friends and me) that I perhaps dislocated my collar bone. It juts out alarmingly at one end and hurts like the dickens on the other end. Makes playing music a tad painful. I fell twice on the ice while walking the dog. And, no, there is no ice now. This did happen a while ago. I am just now thinking, hm, this is perhaps something to attend to. Pain threshhold is a bit high. And procrastinating ...


Anyway, thanks to all of you. Are you all planning fun music vacations?

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Gee Greg I didn't hear you asking to get into Edel's class amongst all the accordion jokes. Nyah nyah.

Oh, and speaking of Edel: I had the misfortune to have my birthday fall on Good Friday this year (so not much chance of hell-raising!), so I thought I would at least start it listening to a bit of music and with a pint in my hand and went to Friel's (or Lynch's, as it says over the door) in Miltown Malbay, only to find Edel & Jackie Daly playing there. They even played Happy Birthday for me (most embarassing!) at midnight. :)


Sorry Greg! :rolleyes:

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Isn't Edel a hoot? She had us in stitches. She couldn't understand why we put up with the hot weather. There wasn't any air conditioning for our class. And we all murdered her name. We are all now practicing how to say it.


She is not the least bit retiring! And can teach up a storm. Any way that the person wants to learn. Quite an accomplishment for anyone, but especially for one so young. I loved her. We all did. Tell her I said hi when you see her again. She won't remember me, but that's alright.


Stephen, are we running off together any time soon? I have to save some money. B)

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