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And now another one, unfortunately described as "Lachenal?" by the seller.


And there's yet another one here, including some nice pics of its ganged long-plate reeds.


Reviving this thread because there's now what appears to be a nice example of a German "imitation Anglo" here on eBay.

Yep, that one's German, though an "imitation Anglo", trying very hard to look English. It's based on a George Jones design, and here's a link to an image of the opposite end of a similar one that I have: http://www.concertina.com/chambers/lachena...ction-fig08.htm


But the woodscrews aren't the real giveaway, indeed George Jones, and other English makers, did use them on some cheap models of Anglo. The easiest way to tell is from the buttons, which are set at an angle on German concertinas and the holes in the ends have to be large for them to pass through, as they are glued to the wooden levers inside.


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