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Heard This One Over The Weekend...

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Man goes into a music shop and says the shop assistant 'I want to buy a squeeze box, but I don't know much about them.' The assistant says 'Certainly,sir. If you would care to look over there we have a whole wall of accordions and concertinas you can look at.' The man looks at the display and says 'I want the big green one on the bottom.' The assistant replies 'That's a radiator, sir.' :)

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The way I heard it he was a drummer, fed up with all the dumb drummer jokes. He couldn't decide between the accordion and the saxophone. The assistant said that, at a pinch, he could sell him the fire extinguisher but the radiator would be difficult to get off the wall!

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Here we go.

Definition of an optimist - a banjo player with an answerphone.


And my favorites -

Q. What is the difference between a cow and an orchestra?.

A. One's got horns at the front and an rs at the back.


Q. What is the difference between a viola player and a seamstress?

A. One tucks up frills.


Q. And the difference between a drummer and a Radox bath.

A. One bucks up the feet.


Thats quite enough of that.

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Yes, my father used to take the full set of instruments for his band to the showroom every time he bought a car, load in upright bass, guitar, drums, accordion, PA etc, then ask three of the staff to get in with him!


The ironic twist to this is that my father's first name is John.


His middle name is Melville.

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