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I've met Caroline and seen her collection (or at least part of it) when she has set up a display at festivals in Keith and Auchtermuchty.

The emphasis is on accordions, and she has many interesting examples, mostly unplayable now, going back to the early days of free reed instruments.

She does have a Wheatstone English concertina as part of the collection.

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Before I discovered the duet I played piano accordian. one day i opened my post to find a larsen cartoon comprising 2 pictures; the first one was captioned 'welcome to Heaven, here's your harp' and the second; 'welcome to hell here's your accordian'. I never found out who sent it and I'm not convinced about Larsen's sense of humour anyway...

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A mate of mine left his accordian on the front seat of his car the other day. When he came back he was horrified to see the front window was smashed. When he looked inside his worst fears were realised - there was a second accordian next to the first.



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