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Waxing Endbolts

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Hi Folks


I was re-assembling a concertina yesterday while chatting to a friend and was waxing the threads prior to insertion when he asked 'what are you doing there?'

It had never occurred to me that this might be a new 'trick' for some people as I have done it automatically for so many years on woodscrews bolts and the like in furniture and instrument restoration.


Waxing the threads on endbolts or screws makes it so much easier to insert and remove and goes a long way to prevent future corrosion. This reduced the likelihood of wrecked slots, stripped threads, snapped bolts and damage to woodwork and finishes.


It is so simple to do.


First, Clean the bolt threads and shank with a fine wire brush,. i use a suede leather brush.


Next, draw the thread across piece of candle or beeswax whilst rotating it slightly. This will scrape up a little flaky wax into the thread and leave a small amount of wax on the shank.


Lastly, and here is the 'trick' that many may not know, .... pass the bolt through a lighter or match flame. No need to dwell in the flame as the wax melts instantaneously and spreads to leave a fine coating over the whole of the thread. No Flaky bits to fall off when the bolt is inserted and no excess 'crud' to build up round the entry point.


Give it a try for yourselves on one of the bolts and then compare to inserting and removing a bolt that has not been treated.


Hope this is of use to you



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