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More New Recordings

stuart estell

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In addition to the stuff I posted up on the Recorded Tune page yesterday, we recorded half a dozen songs last night round at my house, if anyone's interested. Again, only half of them have concertina on them, but of those, one of them has both duet and anglo!


The songs with concertinas in are Sir Patrick Spens (maccann + anglo), Wild Beast On The Moor, and Canadee-i-o (both Jeffries duet).


The links are here.


Edit... and now the links even work ;)

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Do check out this website Stuart Estell. If you have not heard him before you need to listen here.

I had the opportunity to hear Stuart, first in the concertina weekend "Swaledale Squeeze" where he sang while accompanying himself in turn on anglo and duet concertina. It was a lovely little concert on the Saturday in this always lovely weekend.

Then I had the opportunity to hear him together with Emma and Ian on Tuesday in Selly Oak, Birmingham. They used not only concertinas (Ian also plays anglo) but also some other instruments. Stuarts own compositions are really great and with the three voices and violin by Emma he worked out really nice arrangements for all the songs. Now we are all waiting for a cd ofcourse.


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