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Beautiful New Box

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Happily I inform :


I could buy a really beautiful new old Concertina, differnt from what I ever had seen.

No exact idea about age, but probably pre IInd World War it is no Bandeon, although it has the same shape, but smaller and ligther than a Bandonenon.

I estimate weight to be about 2 to 2,5 kgs.

Dimensions arew about 300 x 200 x 200 mm, I guess, must still find it out with 2 reeds per note it has

16 keys on the left side and 23 on the right sight, mecahnically in perfect condition , optically too, some few tones must be corrected and I shall check precise tunjing-

Sound very nice and very well suited for German Folk.


Allows to play very quiet and also quite loud has a lot of aire 12 fold belows with 3 intermeidate frames, insteda of an Air bottom it has a very confortable lever.


Although it is differntly outlayed than a 30 button Anglo, I found my way easyly on the central keays to play happily away.

The extact outlay still I must find out.


I am incredibily happy and have been lucky to buy it, I foudn a spnsor who prefinanced it for me Price 250 Eurios + obligation to teach a begining Concertina Player (the seller) to whom I have loaned for the moemment my 20 button German Cioncertina + Tutor and CD. + obligation to share an potential extra earning in case of reselling during the next year to share with the seller.-


But I shall not sell it.


If youi can uinderstand my joy and wish to see it you can see on






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Forgot to tell :


My spnsor is lovely elderly Lady, called Ilse and somehow I must find or compose a Waltz, dedicated to her, I would call it : "For Ilse".


I lost a working day, had to travel to Spain today and have posponed to tomorroew.


I found this Concertina only 30 kms. awy from my German home. the seller brought personally to my house.


Incredible !!, possibly I have won a new Concertina Friend.


And one pint moire :


Ishall find in my books, I guess all the information I shall need.


But if somebody knows something about this instrumetn, I am eager to learn.



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Looks to me like a standard 39-button Chemnitzer concertina. There are standard layouts of up to 52 buttons. I believe the 39-button layout is like the 52, but missing some of the peripheral buttons, like a 30-button anglo relates to a 40-button.


If you want more information, one place to start is: http://www.geocities.com/heytud/faq.html


I suspect it's something you could really enjoy, Joachim. But the link you give indicates that it's for auction on eBay, no? So are you just intending to bid on it, or have you already bought, with the seller's cancellation of the auction not yet having taken effect on eBay?

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Thanks Saron,

For the moemt I am able to paly some songs, folk songs in ocatvae playing on it in C.

The layout is till unkjown but will find out. I have good book written by Maria Dunkel about Akkordeon, Bandoneon and _Concertina >History and evolution wiuth all kind of layouts of the _Cioncertinas build in Germ,any.



will invetigate in the web youi indicate me, thank you.

No idea if you are right, I guess no, since the differences I found in hurry on my Anglo, are big.

For thje moment I doubt that it has any other row like a G-Row, but some repeated buttons, and semi-.tonmes.

Anyway some need to repaired, what I shall make do in Soaonn within short.


I shall confirm you what I find oput. And if not come to Spain and can play together once more. or latest I hope to meet you in the Scandinavian Squeeze in and no doubt I shall bring the instzrument with me.


By the way I forgot to mention, that also Advance Player Jim Lucas has recorded for me on tape some of his own compiostions, which I almost hadfd löearned, although he was doing iut on an English Concertina.

It will be a duty to learn them again until Sweden. I had learned already three of them, but meanwhile I have not repeated.


I had to trevael to Sopain today, I had sent some questions to the Seller, finally he phoned me this morning and I convince him to sell diorectly to me for a fix price. I guess the special argumetn was that I woudl be prepared to give him privbate beginners lessons and that I loaned him my German Cioncertina.


So he came to my house, I had to pospne my Travel pro´ject for one day more

and now I have the Concertrina and he will retire his offer.


It is mine. And I am really lucky, since it is compact size and souinds intersting for certaion koind of music, mainly folk.




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To my opinion this is definitely a Chemnitzer Concertina. You will find a lot of information at:



The subtitle of the site is "Sehnsucht aus dem Blasbalg" (Melancholy from the bellows). This should make you very excited!


I am sure that in future I will hear the instrument and have the opportunity to play it.


Have fun!!! ;)




(edited to upload the picture)


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yes I behaved like a child with its new shoes ! did not arrive to the püoint to jump on the streets, but I told to anybody who wanted and also to whom did not want, that I got a new Concertina, and was nervous all the time, until the seller and new Concertina bud, came to bring it to me.

I played the rest of tjhe day, and we celebrated a little dinner in honour of My sponsor, Lady Ilse.

For her I must try copmpose, find or imporvise some walty.

If I am not able, I shall tell to Concertina Friends with occasion of a next meeting about her, and I shall try to do siomething in cooperation.

If you come to the Southeast Squeeze in , March 2004 we might have a chance to meet and youmay lokk, listen and also play it.

Thank you for sharing my excitement.



thank you for your advice. I shall check it with time. And comment result of research.

I have this Bookl, which in German Concertina Players recommendd to me as the "Bible of the Concertina", written by Maria Dunkel, and it seems that also there I should find the right explanations.


I do not know actually, what precisely might be a Chemnitzer. Perhaps so were called the Instruments produced in Chemniotz and suirroundings.


UHLIG, I do not know for the moment if his production places were or not located in Eastern Germany and particularly in or around Chemnitz.


I understand that UHLOG was one opf the most significant Makers, beside Arnold, and his outlay has been differnt from Arnold.


But will fiond out.


I am sure that I shall enjhoy the page (web) indicated by you very much.


I give for sure also that you will pay this Concertina very soon, perhaps still this year or beginnint the new year.


Regards to aou all.


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