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Hohner International D40/80/6lt

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I just bought the Hohner International D40/80/6LT concertina and would like to find out more about it.


Does anyone know where it would scale between entry level and pro? What would be a good price for it or any other information about it?


I'm just starting to learn how to play it.


Thanks for all the help


I looked at some other models and it look to me like the

D could stand for the D-key and the

40 could be the number of total buttons and the

80 could be the number of total keys and the

6 is the number of folds

and the L could stand for Leather

but have no clue what the T stands for


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Hi Laitch,


You were right. The T stands for Trouble. I could not wait till the Hohner arrive from South Africa in Canada so I went to our local music store and bought a Silvetta 129140 Concertina (40 Reed). The sound is really great and I'm already able to play about 4 songs. My next dream would be to get a band together and start playing for dances.

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