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English Or Anglo? Which To Play?


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i thinkyou're right, a 20b would be enough to tell if i dig the system.
Meg, If you are considering renting to see what's a good fit then why not go with a 30 button C/G from the Button Box. A 20 button is a limiting experience if you are intrested in anything away from the home keys.

I would also recommend that if you rent an anglo, you start with a 30-button, because it's really two instruments in one, i.e., both a 30-button and a 20-button. The addition of the third row on a 30-button doesn't involve any changes from the 20-button layout in the other two rows. If you want to see what it's like to play a 20-button (e.g., to see whether it's too limiting), then just restrict your playing to the first two rows and pretend that the "accidental" row isn't there. Then allow yourself to use all 30 buttons, and compare your experiences.

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all of your advice and experiences are wonderful to hear.

its funny how one (me) can stress out about a decision such as this.


the good news for me, though, is that i have found a woman in Flagstaff who plays anglo and is willing to show me the ropes. she may even lend me a box for a couple months to play on.


this, i understand, is the only real way to find out what works for me.


i'll keep you all posted... hopefully my next question will have to do with learning techniques, songs or fingering or something!


heart of squeeze,


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hey, that's great advice.

i play the tin whistle, and just switch whistles for the key i want. works like a charm. and you're right, i do want to play, not be bogged down with too many scales. although, i have to admit, i enjoy my fingering exercises more than most i know.




I am a piper, so the idea of keeping the same fingering system is an advantage, at least for me. I also relate to playing along with whichever piper is there, so certain keys/ boxes work well for certain pipers. They also *require* in many cases the flat 7th or mixolydian mode, which can be avoided just by using that note as a breather note or omitting it. Just like the pipes, the effort of making the tune come out without all the proper notes is a challenge, but makes it more interesting! I also tend to get "workhorse" boxes, that I do not have to worry about spilt Guinness, cigar ash and harsh pub treatment damaging a museum piece. Not the cheapest mind you, but certainly not multi-thousand dollar ones either!


Have fun and let us know how things go!

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