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Wanted: Repair Workshop

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Okay, you skilled repair types, hear my plea.


I would be very interested in attending a serious concertina maintenance/repair workshop.


More and more, I realized the need to become adept at run-of-the-mill repairs.


I have the Elliot book (both editions), I did a nice 2 hour maintenance session at NESI, but I'd really like something more intense, with a chance to dive in to the innards of a concertina under supervision.


I'd travel to do something like that. (Alabama? Canada? Maybe even the UK?) I'm always ready to plunk down cash for a weekend festival, and I'm sure I'd do the same for a good workshop.


Any of you repair gurus ever consider doing this?

Anybody else interested in attending such a session?

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If you go to the britishpathe site and search for concertina factory, you'll find nice pics of women constructing bellows at various stages on a nice simple to make form. fish or hide glue plactisized with 5% glycerine is used for the glue. use top quality muslin on the card fold joints. I boil the muslin, then press it with a hot iron. you must use high quality goat skin or sheep skin leather that has been split down and then get good at skiving the edges very thin. on the best bellows it is hard to discover the overlap joint. an old sharp straight razor is a good skiving tool. standard picture framing card stock is used. on some modern anglo bellows the card is cut in one continuous piece, but i'm not sure how they will hold up over time. they are very stiff for the first few months. get a tina with torn up bellows, take it apart and copy it. fun stuff!

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You just missed an excellent repair workshop in the UK. It was part of the WCCP Kilve concertina weekend at Kilve Somerset, taken by Colin and Rosalie Dipper. Most people attended only one session (of 8 one and a half hour sessions) when Colin and Rosalie took various concertinas that people had brought along for repair. But one young lady by prearrangement with Colin attended all the sessions observing all that he did to other peoples concertinas whilst doing major repairs on a concertina that she had brought along specially to practice on. She continued also whilst he was not at the room set aside for repairs.

There are similar weekends booked for October and next March, imformation from www.wccp.info ,I expect The Dippers will be taking similar workshops.


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Guest Peter Laban

The Mrs Crotty weekend usually has a talk on care/maintenance and a repair workshop. Jurgen Suttner has been doing that for the past five years or so.

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