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Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend 2006

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Lots to interest the concertina fraternity.Invited guests include:-

Alan Day(Anglo)

Steve Harrison( Anglo)

Tina Smith(English)

Shay Fogarty(Dublin,Anglo)

Tom Driscoll(Clare,Anglo)

Mike Hebbert(Jeffries Duet)

Ken Woolfenden(English)

Jurgen Suttner(Concertina Maker)

Geoff Crabb(Concertina Maker)


This years event will feature some of the finest traditional singers and musicians from Britain & Ireland.There will be sessions in three local pubs and in the barn at Edgemount Farm,talks on traditional music(and hopefully concertina making)and a dance in the local village hall on Saturday night featuring Piper's Share from Northumberland,the Handsworth Sword Dancers and guests.The location is in Pennine hills to the west of Sheffield.The cost per person to include camping is £10.


Email me for further details and a booking from.

Mark Davies


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Makes me feel quite nostalgic as an ex-patriot Sheffielder and ex- Handsworth Traditional Sword Dancer of some 20 years standing. It was attending my first Ring Meeting with Handsworth that set me off playing the Anglo. Hope the weather's kind - it can get a bit bleak up at Bradfield.

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The attached photograph shows the bleak weather than can be experienced in Bradfield in August!!The scene is from a Sunday afternoon at a previous Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend.


It was so bleak I had to keep seeking shelter in the barn......where the row of beer barrels were lined up :lol:


count me in Mark !



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..bleak weather..

It's difficult to see through the murk, but Harry Scurfield appears to be playing a very strange Anglo, complete with a brass horn. Also, is that Alex West talking to Dan Quinn? I've not met Alex, but the "box" looks like Tony Engle's Dipper.




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I came to the first event at Bradfield, the ECMW weekend, and had a great time, even though I wasn't playing very well at that time. Unfortunately all the subsequent events have been too soon after Sidmouth for me to be able to take the time to go. Wish it was otherwise ...



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