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Need Help To Find Value


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I found this forum hoping someone can help me. My dad passed away 2 years ago and we are looking to sell his concertina. He had it for about 5 years and was hoping to learn how to use it, but unfortunately, never did learn. I can't find a name on it, but I know he purchased it for around $600 at a music store which is no longer in business. It is in beautiful shape; it looks just like it did the day he brought it home from the store. Everything appears to be working fine. I will describe it as best as I can. It has alot of decorative rhinestones and mother of pearl on it. One side has 28 buttons and then 5 other keys that say : Musette, Bandon, Master, Clarinet and Bassoon. The other side has 24 buttons and the number 1209 engraved near the handle. The bottom has engraved Made In Italy. There is no brand noted anywhere on it. I was going to list it on Ebay but would like to know first what exactly I am selling. I will include a photo of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




Karen S.


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What part of Wisconsin are you in? If near or in Milwaukee, go to Art Altman's Concertina Bar. I'll post details later if you need them - Tom


I am located near Milwaukee. Thanks for the tip.







BTW, his name is Art Altenburg and this is the home of the mighty Chemnitzer! Come down on Thursdays and see the open jam session or go on Friday/ Saturday and hear live polka bands both nights, every week. They also offer dance lessons, I think now on Tuesdays.


NO ACCORDIONS ALLOWED!!! Art's sister actually played with The Lawrence Welk Band, but has NEVER been allowed to play her accordion in there! I did get special dispensation for my Cajun button box and got to play along with Art this past winter at his only night that his actual band was featured.


Lot's of fun, very old timey and very friendly! Located right here on Milwaukee's southside, 37th street, just south of Burnam. Tell him Dale sent you!


Martin's Pub is also a fun spot, with sessions on the second Tuesday of each month. Located at the corner of Racine/ Hwy Y and National, in New Berlin. He can tell you most anything about the Chemnitzer too and you can bring accordions into his little pub. It looks like a storefront house--his mother ran it for many decades. Sometimes totally dead in there and other times almost no room to even come in. Don't go there during crop season, as he is a full time farmer and always says "when it is time to bail hay, you bail hay". Real old'-timey and like sitting at home having a Miller out of your own fridge!

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