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Alan Day Is World Renown


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:rolleyes: :D :o Hey everyone,


I know there is already a thread about Alan's lovely tape, but did you know people all over the world are now listening to it?


Well, great, now Alan will never tell me anything again. Aw, he's nice, he'll get over it


I won't mention that he threatened me with bodily harm because I STILL hadn't listened to his tape BUT


Now that I have I love it.


I was a bit surprised that the man talking on the tape had an English accent...


My dog looked very charming tilting his head back and forth listening to Alan...


Then I played and he began howling again.


Do they make ear plugs for dogs?



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I had never heard about Alan until recently., when we started to interchange mails.


But I absolutely not surpüriosed to find this topic.


Thanks Alan !


From where have giot he word AVATAR ?, Samantha ?


What does it mean ?


If convenient, wite it to me privately, JoachimDelp@aol.de




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Main Entry: av·a·tar

Pronunciation: 'a-v&-"tär

Function: noun

Etymology: Sanskrit avatAra descent, from avatarati he descends, from ava- away + tarati he crosses over —more at UKASE, THROUGH

Date: 1784

1 : the incarnation of a Hindu deity (as Vishnu)


In this case it means the little picture (icon) inder the members' names on the left. Mine is the concertina-playing grotesque from the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa. You can define your own on yor control panel. Click your name, then find a link on the control panes with the word "avatar" in it and click that.


I believe that what Samantha meant is that anyone who had a good look at Alan's avatar should not be surprised to hear that he speaks with a British accent.

Edited by David Barnert
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Super Sharron,


I tease Alan about everything else, I might as well ask more about the dogs.


My cats are fine with the concertina. And my Cocker Spaniel is unimpressed. However the Bichon has always howled after I play for a while. But he LOVES Alan's voice and/or his accent. He NEVER howls when Alan is talking or playing on the tape.


Which is why I was teasing about Alan's accent.




Now Alan, about those doggy earplugs.

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