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After learning a wonderful chromatic parlor tune from Frank Edgley (Woodland Flowers, by Felix Burns), I was anxious to find other tunes by Felix. A web search brought me to a site called the "Nottingham Fok Music Database" at http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/~ef/music/tunes/index.htm. It has a number of tunes in standard music notation ready to print out. It isn't an Irish collection, but has some Irish tunes plus a couple more Felix Burns tunes for me to explore... Check it out...


I've found these 19th centurty parlor tunes to fall fairly easily under the fingers on an anglo...




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Does everyone here know about the tune finder?




You type in the name of a tune and it searches all the collections on the web of tunes that are stored in the abc format (and that's a LOT of tunes).


You don't need to know anything about abc to use it. You can have the tune returned to you as a jpg, midi, ps, pdf or a few other formats, depending on whether you want to see it on screen, print it in high resolution, or hear it.


Go nuts.

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