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Stockport Midi Videos

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Hi all,


Those of you interested in the MIDI concertina concept may have heared of the John Nixon concert held on 28th Feb at Stockport accordion club. (South Manchester UK)


The concert was well attended by perhaps 50 people and I would like to thank John for his performance.


You can check out some of the pieces here. Concertina videos. They are each about 3 minutes long(ish) and should stream to your PC if you have broadband.




Roy Whiteley

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I have toyed with the idea of getting a concertina midi for late night practice and the possibilities of sampling.


Congratulations to Roy for all his brilliant tinkering and refining. I'm impressed.


But after seeing/hearing the John Nixon video I am personally left with some ambivilant feelings??!! Certainly not with John's wonderful playing but...


I was seeing english concertina...and I was hearing strings!! I kept checking the settings to see if I was doing something wrong on my computer.


The second video where the midi sounds like an organ/calliope was a bit less disconcerting.


I have to wonder in the event I got a midi and sampled my old time banjo playing and then had that sound come out of a concertina if I might not lose it all together.


Concertina midi owners comments and experiences welcome.


Again congratulations to Roy for a job well done!



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The second video where the midi sounds like an organ/calliope was a bit less disconcerting.

Especially this second video made me very sad... I'd never expected to hear this Bavarian Lederhose Beer-drinking Music from something that looks as elegant as an English Concertina.

It's like a swan that starts oinking like a pig!! :(

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Hi All,


I also have one of Roy's MIDI English Concertinas and had the good fortune to hear John play his on the 28th of February. I really like versatility of my MIDI Lachenal.


For me, it is a pleasure to be able to choose an instrument voice best fitting what I want to play. Not only that but being able to switch from treble to piccolo, baritone or bass ranges is quite an advantage as you can pick the range best fitting the instrument voice you choose.


For those seeking the concertina sound from a MIDI instrument this can be can solved if you use your PC sound card and load your PC up with a suitable SoundFont. I recall some postings on this from last year on this. Searching on 'SoundFont' within C.net will probably get you to those postings.




Charles Mackay

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