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As I sit here at night and practice, my Welsh Corgi has learned that when he gets tired of it he just crawls into my lap. Apparently the little bugger has figured out I can't play if he's there. At least he doesn't howl like when I was playing the flute or whistle.


Anyone else care to share some stories about how their pets react to their playing?

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Many years ago, when I had not been playing for long, my parents had two cats. The male totally ignored my playing (either thought it acceptable, or didn't have an opinion). The female, always very vocal, used to jump on my knees, stand on the concertina, and sing (or was it howl?) in my face! Needless to say, my concern for damaged bellows stopped me playing immediately.



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Can't do the poll 'cos Pickles, 9 mth old spaniel sometimes ignores it completely, sometimes sings along (high notes seem to encourage him to do this) and sometimes tries to usurp the squealing thing on my lap and there isn't a 'most of the above' button. If I sing along as well I get frantically mugged (in a 'loving' sort of way...)

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i voted singing? dont really think thats what they are doing though. you see the wife get tierd of hearing me she runs out side to the kennels. i have a pack of hounds there, i start, they start. it sounds like they are hot on a trail. :o

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Well, we have had 11 pets at one time, now down to... eight, I think.


:( We just had our oldest cat, Elvis, put to sleep today. It's been very difficult. But, there was nothing we could do to save him (sick, gradually weakened) and he began to show signs of pain. He's buried out under a pine tree in our yard. I couldn't bear to see him going on suffering, and cats can hang on by a thread for a very long time.


However, I would always find him by playing the concertina. I'd often go outside at 2 or 3 in the morning and play, because he'd be sure to show up. If he was hiding in the house, my concertina playing would always get him to appear. (He liked it!)


My other cats seem to love it...one in particular goes wild when I play...you might think it was catnip or something.


The birds like anything that makes noise, of course.


My dogs seem to enjoy the fact that I'm doing something that I enjoy, but, they kinda move away into the next room, usually!

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Aww, Wendy, I'm sorry about Elvis :(


Thanks. Yeah, I've had a few tearful sessions. It was very difficult to lose this cat, because we'd had him for about 15 years (I thought 16, but my daughter said 14, so we'll go with the 15.)


I don't think I've ever had to 'put down' a pet, before. And certainly not one as feisty as Elvis was. There were so many times when we thought he was a goner and he bounced right back, but, this time it really was the end.


Well.....sigh. I do have two other cats, two dogs, two birds, one rat and one rabbit.


But, Elvis will never be forgotten!

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