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I've had my 20-b Stagi for about 3 years now, and many of the reeds seem to speak in a softer, mushier, less responsive tone than when young. The lower notes drag when first struck, and they don't seem to cut off in a properly staccatto manner when buttons are released, causing a sloppy sound. :o

I have had this situation with harmonicas over the years, at which time I just went out and bought another. I am not able (though willing!) at this time to do this.

Question: Is it worth the effort and cash to give this instrument a "tune-up", and if so, what should be done, and how, and how much is reasonable to spend? Too, I don't know of anyone in this area (Oregon, near Portland, USA) who does this sort of thing.

Any suggestions?

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I don't know enough about how Stagi reeds are held in to suggest how to fix it, but it sounds like air is leaking around the reeds. If you're comfortable taking it apart and having a look, you may find that screws that hold the reeds in place are loose or that bees wax needs resetting.

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well, in this model, the reeds are held in just as if they were harmonicas glued to the valve openings. Having checked the reed seats themselves, I could not dectect by eye whether any of those conditions you mentioned were there.

I guess that I'm wondering how much farther to go with the project. If I do spend lotsa cash, I'd just rather save for an upgrade.


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