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I've had my 20-b Stagi for about 3 years now, and many of the reeds seem to speak in a softer, mushier, less responsive tone than when young. The lower notes drag when first struck, and they don't seem to cut off in a properly staccatto manner when buttons are released, causing a sloppy sound. :o

I have had this situation with harmonicas over the years, at which time I just went out and bought another. I am not able (though willing!) at this time to do this.

Question: Is it worth the effort and cash to give this instrument a "tune-up", and if so, what should be done, and how, and how much is reasonable to spend? Too, I don't know of anyone in this area (Oregon, near Portland, USA) who does this sort of thing.

Any suggestions?

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well, in this model, the reeds are held in just as if they were harmonicas glued to the valve openings. Having checked the reed seats themselves, I could not dectect by eye whether any of those conditions you mentioned were there.

I guess that I'm wondering how much farther to go with the project. If I do spend lotsa cash, I'd just rather save for an upgrade.


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