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Concertinas In Art

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Interesting! I wonder if he's any relation to the Bill Badger who was (and, I believe, still is) Rupert Bear's best friend.


He was a friend of mine, and of my children's, and now my grandchildren have got to know him, too. However, I've never seen Rupert's Bill Badger make music of any kind.





Rupertand Bill.jpg

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1 hour ago, arkwright said:

Do you know the name of the artist?

There is a signature at the bottom. It is not very clear, but the last name looks like Baker, and the first name might be Lillian. I cannot identify the middle name.

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On 7/29/2020 at 3:07 PM, arkwright said:

Do you know the name of the artist?

The artist is Lillias Kinsman-Blake of Glasgow.  The print is called Dueling Badgers.


link to Dueling Badgers



link to some of her other artwork



link to some of her music (on flute - sometimes in a group with Alistair Anderson)


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7 hours ago, Gail_Smith said:

but the Mona Lisa has got that concertina fixed-expression-of-concentration-linked-to-mild-panic perfectly.  I now know that she was thinking "what the hell is the b music ??..how does it start ???.. and its coming up soon..."


I laughed heartily at this and clicked the ":DHaha” button before I realized that you were referring to a post of mine in this thread from 14 years ago that I don’t even remember!

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