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Decent 30 Button "octave" Concertina Under $1000?

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Hello everyone! I've recently been bitten by the Accordion Bug!


My goal is to play my own adaptations of tango, celtic, and eastern european music on it. I also hope to use it for some basic song accompaniment in my own style.


I've been doing some research, and have come to the conclusion that I need an instrument which is bisonoric and tuned in octaves. And that I want a 30 button model so I'm not as limited on keys.


So does anyone know where I can find an instrument like this? The Stagi C-2 has the double-reed octave thing, but its a 20 button.


My current instrument is the 5-string banjo (3 finger style) and I enjoy playing all types of music on it. So I do know something about adapting an instrument to music that isnt native or typical for it. And I'm also aware of what goes into learning an instrument, I don't expect to have it down pat in 5 minutes or even 5 years.


Thank you for your time and assistance. -Ryan.

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you mention that you would like to play the accordeon and later you ask for a Stagi C-2.


A stagi C-2 is a 20 mbutton German type Concertina.


I myself have the interest to find a 25 button (fully chromatic) or 30 button Concertina with two or three reeds per tone, but as far I have researched this kind of instrumetn ios not usual, it would be Custom Tailored.


Still this year I shall vist (or latest Januiary 2004) Stagi in Italy.

I am also in contract with a German Concertina producer in Eastern Germany, who has done something halfway in th e past.


I have the address of a man also located in Eastern Germany, who might be able and willing to produice something as you wish and me too.

I thopught to cointact him this week.


If you get any supllementary info please report to me.


I shall comunicate you the result of my researches. ok?


Kiond regards

Jopachim Delp

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Sorry about mixing up my terms ... I said accordion, but when I did my research I found out that I was actually in love with the bandoneon and anglo concertina. And the anglo concertina is what I was planning on buying. But I wanted the double-reed to get a little closer to the bandoneon sound. -Ryan.

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And the anglo concertina is what I was planning on buying. But I wanted the double-reed to get a little closer to the bandoneon sound. -Ryan.

I shouldn't worry about terms. We spend *hours* debating terms here, but that's because we're just a bunch of sad pedants.


I can see why you want the double-reed thing, but you should be aware that this is normally associated with concertinas at the cheap end of the market. Good for the wallet, but with concertinas you very much get what you pay for, and cheap concertinas can be, and frequently are, out of tune, difficult to play and with little stamina.


I think you would do well to talk to Bob Tedrow, who has a track record of improving Stagis and making decent instruments from them. He contributes to this forum a lot, or you can find his contact details in the Concertina FAQ (link in the sig block below).



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An important question is whether there are any standard, off-the-shelf anglo concertinas which are both 30-button and double reeded. If you have to get one custom made, it probably won't be cheap. You may be better off going for a low-end bandoneon or Chemnitzer to start with. And for that you may find more expertise and better advice elsewhere.


E.g., for bandoneon makers try


For used instruments try


In fact, Christian Mensing's entire site (http://laue.ethz.ch/cm/band/index.html)seems quite useful.


And for Chemnitzers, a good place to start might be Ken Yagelski's site:


In fact, he has an "Instruments Sold" page


which lists quite a few instruments at under $1000, some way under. I don't know about condition, but if you ask the right questions there, you might have some luck.


Happy hunting.

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After having answered to Ryan yesterday, also it came to my mind, that a Bandoneon might be the rioght instrument for Ryan. But consioder Size and weight.


I feel pretty sure that there are no Anglos double reeded on the shelf.


Nevertheless as promissed, Ryan, I shall confirm you if I have found the right man to produce what you have been initially interested in good quality and for around 1000 US$.


I cannot agree that the Stagis or German ones, relartively cheap, necesarily will get easy out of tunign.


I had a Honer for twenty years and no problem.

I played Stagis, no problem


I own a German one, made in Eastern Germany, ex DDR, I made it examine, as I bought from soembody using it as decoration for about 5 year. It was o.k and sound nice.


Listen to the song perforenmd by Harry Scurfield on his CD "Anglo in the Dark", called Two Tennors / Officers Polka nr. 9. It is perforemd on a Stagi C-2 double reeded. It sounds intersting.


I owned also a Stagi Hayden Duett and the quality was o.k. for a non profgessional use.


By the other hand why not to use a small Melodeon ?




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