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Quetsion For Wikitina Users

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One of the people who has been editing in the Concertina Wiki has had, well not a problem but a confusion, and I wanted to ask if others felt the same.


WHen you finish an edit the software takes you to a screen that says, if memory serves "thank you for your attention to detail" and displays a pretty picture (a random choice of a number of concertina-related photos I have installed). This is a characteristic of the PHPWiki software I use, and I think is intended as a sort of reward.


This user found it confusing, feeling he had been taken to the wrong screen. I rather like it myself, and want to know how others feel about this little wrinkle in Wiki behaviour.


Feel free to drop me an email, rather than use the board if you want



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I found it alarming the first time I saw that "freebie" picture "award". I thought I was going to get a screen showing me what I had posted, and as the photo was completely different from what I was writing about, I was really concerned (I was writing about duets and the photo that came up was an English). After posting corrections several times and having the same result, I then assumed that it was some weird "glitch" in the software.


I think it would be much easier on new posters not to have anything but what they expect. If the powers-that-be want to have some totally unrelated picture appear and/or some unrelated text (even "thank you for your attention to detail" is unrelated), then whatever is NOT going to be a confirmation of what you had just posted should say so clearly, and point to the revision part you had just done.


Something like" Thankyou for your editorial efforts which appears below (and then a horizontal line). How the newly edited page would appear would come after that line.


You could also say "We would like to thankyou for your editorial efforts by showing you this randomly generated picture. Below the following line is what your newly edited page will look like."


Of course maybe I'm just such a Wiki newbie that my concerns here are extreme?

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I did visit the site and found it interesting but I was a bit lost...new to wikis, but, even then, regardless, I do tend to get lost online before finally figuring something out.


I guess this is why I have my own music diary/journal online that's presently edited and read by only me, myself, and I, heheh.


I like to post what I want there in my journal, and then if there's ever anything 'good' or something I'd like to share, I can copy and paste it, etc..


Too, I don't put a lot of effort lately into figuring out new stuff online...have been dealing with headaches, a little dizziness, and TMJ so bad that I'm afraid I'm going to have to have my meals all through a straw...can't move my jaw too well! It's been very weird. Taking Excedrin Migraine and resting a lot.

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