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Interchanging, Teaching, Learning Favourite Tunes

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my previous reply has beennn written before reading your description of the functions of the Amziong Sloewsowner.


It sounds exciting what you tell. I accept that this mayx a very valid way for learning. And there might me no need tor teaching Tapes (recordings) as I said any other than for beginners.


Still rests the personal contact amopng us and Interchange of Tunes, I would like to realize.


I remind opnce more : When proposing my Topic I have been thinkiong in the Comunity not just in my person.


Nevertheless I have learned a lot from this discussion.


I play mostly wuth a 30 button Anglo, with a deep A in the G row lefft side and Push/Pull Csharp on the on the right accidentals row. I think they call it JEFFRIES OUTLAY:

My Concertinma is made by Harry Geuns and Wim Wakker, Holand, Amboyna ended, beautiful, and has a very good action.


Alos I play a TEdrow Baritone from time to time not having neither of both characteristics I mentioned before. It is not to diffuclt for me to change fingering.


I play also German Konzertina made in Eastern Germany with 20 buttons C/G

and I kiej to play very much, and it has much more possibolities than one might thinkk. Found a nice good German Tutor for it with CD, and The teacher is playing amaziong things, like as intersting TAngo. Very curois how he is using G and C/ Row jkeys at the same time for cohording. Would like to have mroe time to deeper into it.


I own also an old Bandoneno, which needs some repairs but in crazy dark hopurs, on my own I made quite a lot of intersting noise with this instrument.


The music I play is ;


Irish Tunes,.

Basque Folk, Tunes and sometimes chords

German Folk improvbising some chords, also mainly octave playing and I learned by error that it can sound very tow voiced when playuing left and right hand at the same time but in differnt distance than ion OPcatve.


I am working on some Musette and March Music, and there are need harmonies and chords.


I have a friend who is Triktixa Teacher in _the Basque Country. He cannot really rteach me, but he allows me to play in his specially prepared School Rooms and from time to time he assists me, playing Basque Tunes on his Trik, which I try to adpat to the Cioncertina.




Nervethelless any Recording would be higjhly appreciated and responded.

My playing is till not really solid and teh weakest point is the Irish Tunes with the right accent.



and thousand thanks for all the received advices.


Joachim Delp

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For instance my last concertina had 2 alternative push/pull C#. My new one only has 1 and is not the way round I am used to. I am having to re-learn the fingering necessary for the few tunes that I have. On the plus side I have another 2 alternative notes I didn't have before either, so I have to incorporate them too.



As Joachim alreay suggests, you have two different button lay-outs with your two concertina's. Jurgen Suttner shows the two very clearly at his website:


Jeffries lay out (you can click an see fot yourself)

Wheatstone lay out


From your words I conclude that your new concertina has a Wheatstone lay-out and your last has (had?) a Jeffries lay-out.



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I was trying to point out that different fingerings will be used on different layouts, which makes it difficult to record playing and giving advice unless you have the same system.

Sharon you are right for those tunes where the different lay-out really matters. A lot of (simple) tunes have the same fingering pattern on Wheatstone or Jeffries lay out.


I myself am used to the Wheatstone lay-out and when I tried last summer a concertina with Jeffries lay-out, it felt very confusing with the more complicated tunes.


I am in fact very curious about the specific advantages of both types of lay out. Maybe I start a new topic about this subject(?)



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Henk *please* do so.


This can be very frustrating and I am trying to work at the new layout although the Jeffries had a more useable alternative with the 2 C#. But I didn't have the extra push and pull alternative of the G/A on the r/h side. So I have to work on the C# being on the push and not the pull on the same button and re-work to find the best ways before and after the *new* notes to get the tune to run as I want it to with different finger patterns.


I would love to know what people preferred or had changed.



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  • 1 month later...
Hello again,

my proposal does not find for the moment the response I thought.


I insist :


Where are the beginners needing help in form of special Tutor Recortdings, which I have got for the Anglo Concertina ?


Are there no Semi-advanced Players wanting to learn new Tunes, who would appreciate that a more advanced player would assisst them with a recording which could explain and advise aboutr fingering and play the dificult passages at a slower speed ?


Nobody intertstzed to interchange ionternationally tunes and get into a closer contact with players over the world ?


I have received by private mail one or the other offer for help in my prohect. Thanbk you.


Forgive if I am bopring you.


Kind regards

Joachim Delp

I am interested!


Sorry I did not respond sooner.


I myself am sort of an advanced-beginner. I have advanced past some of the beginner tutors, and past the classes at a local folk music school, but I am nowhere near Alan Day's level. And here in Chicago, there are very few Anglo players, (and I might be the only one in this area to start learning the MacAnn Duet).


I am also interested in participating in the international exchange of tunes from around the world.


Now, I am imagining a web page where concertina players can upload and download mp3 recordings of each other, or also share recordings they have made of live amature musicians in their local part of the world.


It would have a forum where people can discuss the recordings, the tunes and how we add things like the chords to the tunes.


There would also be news updates or a forum about inexpensive ways to make good recordings, and ways to use your computers for that. And, on occasision, some of us who convert tape recordings to digital (mp3 and CD), can offer to do that for others. (I am afraid I am going to be bombarded with cassettes for writing this, and not have time to practice my own instrument!).


This could be a place where intermediate/advanced instruction materials can develope.


Maybe this could be part of Concertina.net, but those of us interested should be ready to contribute toward carrying the cost of the extra disk space needed for the mp3s. I am ready to do this, if there is enough interest to make it a worthwhile resource.


If not, then I think should at least be enough interest to start just another forum for folks to arrange the exchanges of recordings.


- Alex C. Jones

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I would like to join your and Joachim's idea. I think it's a good idea to learn from colleagues that are a level higher.


The technical problem of disk-space could be solved by joining the free disk spaces that are available to us as concertina players. A lot of internet providers offer free diskspace to place your own website (in my case 50 Mb). We could upload the tunes that we would like to share to our own "free space". I guess in this way the "Combined Concertina Virtual Disk" will be big enough to store hundreds of tunes in MP3 format!!


The next step is opening a new forum here at concertina.net and placing a new topic for each tune with description of the tune as well as a link to the tune. By replying in the usual way comments and question will be stored in the original topic.


If there was already a "Tunes Interchange" forum (can this be organized Paul S.??), I could place the next message in a topic called: "Boys from Bluehill".


Dear Friends


This is a link to Boys from Bluehill (763 Kb, MP3) as played by me on my "Marcus" Anglo concertina (20030222).

It is one of my favorite hornpipes. I know it should be played in D as can be found here in the Tunes Database. However (with my harmonica background) I play it in C and mainly on the C row. I have seen that the melody of my version deviates from the Tunes Database version. The push-pull sequence of this melody fits very well with the tune.


please comments :mellow: and questions  ^_^


I hope you all will pull and push a lot in 2004 and I certainly hope that the distance that you pull will not exceed the distance that you push!!



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This is a link to Boys from Bluehill as played by me on my "Marcus" Anglo concertina (20030222).

Very nice.


I have seen that the melody of my version deviates from the Tunes Database version.


It deviates significantly in a few places from what I've been playing for more than 30 years and have seen in books more than 100 years old, so that I would think of it as a variant, if not a separate tune. But it's also quite lovely, so please don't change it. I think I'll learn it, and maybe play it in a medley with my usual version.


-........ :)

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Thanks for your positive comment..


It deviates significantly in a few places from what I've been playing for more than 30 years and have seen in books more than 100 years old, so that I would think of it as a variant, if not a separate tune.  But it's also quite lovely, so please don't change it.  I think I'll learn it, and maybe play it in a medley with my usual version.


Normally I pick up a tune by ear or (very slowly) from the notes and after that I do not listen anymore to the original or have a look at the notes.


When I check several years later, I discover that the balance in my head between memory and phantasy is very much in favor of phantasy.



1. you make me curious about how it sounds when you play it.

2. what is your opinion about the initiative of Joachim Delp (who started this thread) and my suggestion of this "Combined Concertina Virtual Disk" in combination with a new forum?



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Hi friends,

the Concertina World will live a revolution !

It seems that at the end my proposal finds interest of intelligent people and somehow this thing will start.


Alex, Henk, Richar, Jim and all the others who are showing interesty :


I am delighteed with your responses, and this iunspite of the fact, that I only could read part of your messages.


That is due to the my stupid low sight problem and my finnacila incapacity to get better organized with my computer.

IU must print out asnything befgore reaqding it under my ca,mara.


So I got aware only today that there more replies, wellno I could see that theyn all are recent dates 6 and 7 of JHanuary, practically a gift from "Holy 3 Kinghs" who yesterday brought the giofts and presents to Children in the Catholic World, here in Spain too.


My printer is run out of toner, and when I try to send the messages to the diskette 3 1/2 my computer gets crtazy since some few hours, if not I could read the messages in my second computer and print out in my second printer, etc.


Tomorrow I should get toner, than I can print and read.


We need coordination and there are many good ideas in your messages, which I could not develkop myself. But there are the friuends for. erhaps we do not need to complicate things from the beginning lets get starteds.


If there is anybody more capable tahn me, happy to fhabve him as the Coordinateotr. I would be very glad if I would be allowed to coordinate tjhis stuff, sionce I feel a lot of illusiion about as you may see from most of my contributions to this forum. I am sure I could account on your help.


But I repeat, anybody else, could be better than me, but I insits somehow the iodeas must be coordinated.


If you allow by Sunday I shall have stuydied all the contribuitions and make a resumary., perhaps starting a new Topic or Poll or how it ever is called correctly.


In the past time I dreamt about this matter and I had a messge in mind, which later IO did not write, wanting to avoid to be judged to be too euphorical etc.


motivated by your meesages :

Yes I drema about Learning, motivation, friendship, human touch, Humour,. Annual Gatherings of the one day famous ICMI&LTC (I hasd something better in mind and in the hurry I do not re,ber), meaning something like the Internationa Concertina Music Interchangers & Learners and Teacghers _Comunity, Anual Gatherings (excuse if I repeat something but I cannot cpontrol well enough reading my opwn stuff, only when spending more time than I have now, but I am sure your are tolerant, challenges etyc.etc.


I repeat I could not read well enough all the last messages, I even do not rember i detail all the thibngs I had proposed in the beginning, with the rest of the toner and after removing it until my hands got black, I could print the bigger part,; there fore I ask, have this matter of coordinateion been already considered ?

Do you agree with me that some kjind of Coordination is needed ?

Is there somebody who wants to take this over ?

Should I begiunn to try to do the job with your help ?

(We could alsways be democratic later and vote our Cordionator)


I insist I would be very proud to try to give my best for the purpose, but I sahll not be hurted or ioffended if spombebody more suitable than me would do it in my place. I am a quick shooter (Pistol) but IO know there will be also somebody quicker than me. So this is not the point. But now haviong realized the existing interest, I would like to get this started and to avoid that it be born dead.


Excuse the writing (typing errors - my eyesm, the hurry, alos I am hungry,m have not found the time to eat and here it is relatively late after a days job) Excuse also the length of the message. I have reacted totalluy spontanous, without thinking before.


Thanks to you and regards

Joachim Delpo

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Dreaming to be named at once with people like Bush, Aznar, Sadam, Goethe, kant and, and...Leader ! PRESIDENT....A VIP, , Privilegios, Gratis flight yo the International Concertina Events.


Sounds great !!


Good Night ! Shall go to homne, eat a bit, sleep and dream sweetly.


That's Humur, do not know if specifically German humour or simply mine, but again seriously :


I am convinced about the ideas here exposed and many of the ideas can be realised, and some of us will profit it and enjoy it.


I think that this project could bring some life into the Concertina World (a part of it) and if I am wrong, it is certainly worth to be tried and undertaken.


As I have commmented ion a previous message in this thread, I have already profitted, thanks to


Henk - for his Tutorial CD with Irish Tunes (mainly)

Alan - for his tape

Sharon - for her CDs

Alex - for the CD in B, now he will send a corected one in C

Harry Scurfioeld- I got a first teching MD

Jim - for Tunes composed by himself and a tape (this has been long before proposing the present topic)


I have got then promis of some recording of Slow Airs, guess I must remember him


And I owe my own recordings (you do not miss nothing), and some Basque Music.


Will fulfill my proimisses, but need still a coupkle of weeks.



Certainly, therte is one aspect, I have experienced and others will make the same experience :


It can be a little bit too much, if we do not concentrate. I shall be busy for a (long) while to digest all the material mentioned above.



And :


One of the ideas I would like to consider is :


In our Forum a chapter (section) Ofgfers and Demands


Perhaps a monthly or each two months ONE specific Tune, we might decide to learn several or all of the members of this new group and allow to see <(listen) how each of us has resolved to play this common tune.and expereinces.


Well, better to stop by now, the time is running, my wife might wish to phone me and I anm in the Internet, which means at the present time, my phone line is occupioed, and she might get suspisous.where is my husband again...

and I think she knows the answer. her husband is ill, crazy sufering fromj

Concertinitis and there is no medicinm against it.




Good night, BNye, Bye, Adios, Auf Wiederswhen, Ciao etc.


Joachim Delp


Willing to share my treasures

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This sounds like fun and I would love to be included. My knowledge of the computer is even less than my knowledge of the concertina. Hard as that is to imagine. But I think the computer (mine) has the capability and maybe I could catch up to the computer's abilities.



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