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Northeast Concertina Workshops 2006

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Great photos, Barbara! Brings me right back, it does!


How did the post-concert session go?

Allison, I was unable to stay for the concert or for the jam session afterward, unfortunately. I did join some folks over at Murphy's after the workshop and we had some good discussion. I learned something important to me, and that is, I really need to find a baritone concertina. However, I feel inspired to keep up with the treble I now have, and I thoroughly enjoyed the three workshops I participated in. It all went by too fast, and I wish I could have joined some of the workshops I missed. I think it's great that the Button Box offers this opportunity to get together, and I'm looking forward to the Northeast Squeeze-In in the autumn!


See you in two weeks, at NEFFA!

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I have been concerned about playing Irish on my EC (EC works for me from my prior musical training) but after attending Wendy Morrison’s Rhythm and Emphasis work shop, I fear no more. That one work shop alone was worth the price of admission and the cost of travel. The other two work shops were an extra bonus beyond that. Sign me up for next year!



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...........yep , I really enjoyed it too. It was great that the C.net people brought their concertinas and their faces so we could all put the three together.It was fun that Greenferry turns out to be a real person ( ;) ) who I've spent time with at Morris weekends and whose son I know whose son I know well .

My plug for the week end workshop is the band workshop. If you can sight read a little, then sitting round with other people working through easy to harder pieces......marches,Gilbert and Sullivan, Elgar,rags etc is unbelievably fun. There were five of us in total. We would play a pice a couple of times through then swap instruments....we had trebles, baritones and the star was a 1930's Aeola bass. I don't think I've ever had more concertina fun than playing that thing. For those who don't know (and I wasn't sure) all parts, including the bass part, are written in the treble clef, so you can swap from one instrument to another and still read the same clef.

As a postscript, the workshop participants were invited to perform in the evening concert........where we played far worse than we had during the day........but were given a terrific round of applause at the end ( I think because our second and last piece only lasted 30 seconds !)

Band workshops are fun and immensely satisfying to participate in. Try it next time.



Again thanks to The Button Box.........great people !

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working through easy to harder pieces......marches,Gilbert and Sullivan, Elgar,rags etc is unbelievably fun.

Which Elgar ... Nimrod? One of my favorite pieces. Hadn't thought of doing Nimrod on the concertina, but will definitely try it!


One of my favorite workshops was Bob Snope's theory course. He had thought up all these interesting ways to teach it using his own methods, including physical challenges. We had to "walk the chord" several different ways. It made me think of Pierre Bordieu and his theory of "habitus," the idea that habitual bodily movements construct cultural knowledge. I just wish that his workshop could have lasted longer.

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Hi All,

Thanks to Richard once more for a great workshop. This is the first one I have attended and it was certainly worth the drive from New Brunswick, Canada. I thought the organisation of the whole event was great - don't change anything. I'm already looking forward to the Squeeze-in.

If anyone hears of any sessions up this way let me know - This weekend has reminded me just how much I miss them.

Paul & Robin see you in TO in a couple of weeks!!

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I'm still sorting out the great weekend at the Workshop. It was great seeing more of Rich Morse, seeing Allison again, and getting to know Rachel a little. And meeting Dave, another Hayden Duet player (we really need to stick together!).


Friday evening at the Button Box was lots of fun -- meeting folks, trying out different kinds of boxes, and swapping tunes and ideas. Best payoff was that Judy of the B-Box fixed a balky reed in my Stagi Hayden while I watched! And also patched the two "secret" leaks on the treble side (another posting).


I attended all three of David Cornell's workshops on Duet playing -- quickly found out how much more I have to learn on the Duet (like read music in the left hand too, dummy!), and I wish I'd played for the workshop members my own tune.


The concert was terrific, as usual. Afterwards we retired to the Amherst Brewing Co. and sang along with the Brits on their drinking songs -- which are amazingly "choral" for making up harmonies. A couple of us squoze our boxes under the din, and Joanne even played descant on her flute.


Sunday a few of us stopped by the B-Box, mostly to browse the music books and CDs. I bought a book of tunes right from the Conn. River Valley, and am working on them now.


This was my 2nd Workshop, certainly not the last. Probably can't make Squeeze-In this fall, but will make sure. Thanks to Rich and the B-Box staff for a great weekend. --Mike Knudsen

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