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G/d Anglo (lachenal) For Sale

Paul Woloschuk

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I am selling my 32 button Lachenal G/D Anglo as I have moved across to playing a Jeffires Duet in recent years, and rather than let it sit there doing nothing, I thought there might be someone on here that would like the chance to use it as it should.

I believe it was probably made around 1910 (serial no. 175960)

All notes play well with a lovely mellow tone, although one note (on left side) may require some slight attention to the leather valve as it buzzes a little on ‘suck’! Although I believe that this may improve with playing.

There is a very slight leak from the bellows/wood end area, but this does not impare playing at all.


I'm looking for 1100 GBP plus shipping costs etc,.


More details here.... http://www.concertina.net/buysell_detail.html?rec_id=927

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A friend of mine is looking for a D/G to replace his 32 button Lachenal G/C. It sounds as though a swap is not what you are looking for, but he might well be interested if he can find a buyer for his G/C which is also in very good condition. I'll contact you off-forum with his details.

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