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2nd Annual Sw Concertina Squeeze-in, Mar30-apr1

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It's a 'SW Concertina Squeeze-in'. That could mean any of a number of things, of course. Not many of us could squeeze into the southwest side of a concertina, though. :lol: As far as the A-word goes, however, we don't plan on meeting any (Accordions, I mean). :rolleyes:

We called it a workshop last year, and that seemed a little too serious a term. We did some learning, and played a goodly number of tunes, and heard some great old time music, but most importantly we just enjoyed getting to know other concertina enthusiasts out in this neck of the woods. Always amazing, the folks you meet.



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Rhomylly and others interested in the trip t Palestine. . .


I went last year and really had a good time and until my niece announced her wedding that weekend, I've been looking forward to a repeat visit.


Here is my two bits worth.


The site was absolutely charming. It is an old school building, three stories with big halls in the center and lots of large classrooms with high ceilings. The old auditorium is a real trip.


The name pretty much tells it all. That is, Old time music and Dulcimers. The dulcimers (both kinds) were in large numbers. The Old Time part was mainly string band stuff. Lot's of fiddles and banjos and of course the ubiquitous guitars. The people were great, the music was great, and the weather was fantastic. Personally, I found it hard to take it all in. Like Dan said, the concertina people were very interesting and ultimately I didn't get much of an opportunity to tear myself away from the concertina crowd. We spent much of our time hanging out together. On the other hand, Baton Rouge has a pretty good dulcimer weekend too, so that helped. But take your Red Book and anything else.


Bring it next year too. I'd like to see it.



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