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What are "Guided Mode" and "Normal Mode" on the page where I'm writing this?


The "Help" doesn't seem to be helpful on this point, and so far I haven't noticed any difference in behavior when I switch back and forth between the two.

Try clicking the Bold button (the square "B") in the Code Buttons section while in Guided or Normal modes... slightly different (Guided holds your hand a bit more).


TEST people, TEST! TRY things out more!! :)



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I *am* testing, but there are far too many possibilities and so little guidance to tell me which ones actually do something, much less do something I want.


If I were used to driving a buggy but had never seen a car before, I might guess that I should sit in the front seat and even that the steering wheel resembled a directional control. But if I didn't know about the key for starting the engine, I wouldn't get very far.


I feel a bit that way with this new Forum.


I note that many (though admittedly not all) of the people who say they like the new Forum give as a reason that they're already familiar with it from elsewhere. That doesn't help me.

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