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Jeffries On Ebay--is This One Legit?

Daniel Hersh

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The user has been a member for one month. Most of his transactions are private and the public ones (exempting the one where he bought from the 5k rated user) are all books worth about $5 AU.


In other words, there is a strong chance this user sold some crap to build a little rating.


CAVEAT EMPTOR. I wouldn't trust the user 100%, but the fact that they are allowing PAYPAL (which lets you chargeback if you don't recieve your item) is a plus.


Of course, there remains the question of what shape it's in on the INSIDE.

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I hope so too--I take it that he never responded to your e-mail. If it was a scam, he did a good job of sounding like he was a non-musical person with an instrument in hand with his answer to the question that was asked about brass reeds: "By looking through the metal frets, it would appear that the reeds are brass"--certainly sounds like someone looking through the fretwork at the brass wires of the action.




I note it sold yesterday for $7,000 Australian.


However, today I see that the seller is "no longer a registered user".


Is this suspicious, or was he perhaps kicked by eBay for some misdemeanor?


Hope no one got stung....



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I was the high bidder on this item and don't worry, I haven't paid any money over.


I am in touch with the seller, he has a very genuine sounding story - there is an issue which eBay are looking into with him, but he has a plausible excuse and I hope to be able to conclude a deal with him. He certainly seems to be acting in an honest way to his difficulty.


I have a bit of an issue with eBay in that the maximum bid system seemed to whack me straight up to the limit of the maximum bid rather than just increment it by just enough to beat the previous high bidder. There may be an explanation there.


I'm in the UK, and have friends in the Sydney area willing to go and take a look at the instrument - and the seller - to establish credentials. However, they are non-concertinists and non-musical from what I remember.


With your permission, Malcolm, I'll contact you off the open forum to see if the seller is in your neck of the woods


Alex West

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