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Scales And Keys

Captain Mike

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OK, New member joining in here.

I'm interesté din playing in other keys too.

Henk this is really helpfull stuff. However, I have a 30 button G/C Lachenal. The layout is somewhat different to the Wheatstone. Guess I'll find the right notes somehow myself. But, can you help?


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Nice work, Henk. I like the simple format, the synchronized button and staff note animation, and the fact that it loads quickly via a dial-up connection.


It'd be useful to be able to adjust the pitch to exactly match instruments. Of course, shutting down speaker volume always eliminates dissonance. :)


Nice work, Henk.

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Ok. My fat fingers have found out that the layouts are the same. That's how new I am at this game. Works a treat!. Now for some practice. Oh the poor neighbours.


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I think your animations are really wonderful - it would be great if you could make them available "off line" so to speak.


best wishes,



Thanks Peter for your kind words. I'm not sure which animations you mean:

without sound or

with sound and staff

Anyway.. most stuff that is published on the internet can be downloaded. Just right-click and use the "save as" option.


When I have more time in future I plan to do more with these kind of animations and maybe someday it will become available on CD :unsure: :unsure:


Yes please! I find the combination with sound and staff extremely easy to follow...downright intuitive and a clearer tutor than I've seen yet! Please, sir, can I have some more?


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