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Merry Christmas

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"played at the Blue Ball at Worrall (Of the Yorkshire Carols fame) as the only instrument! for 2 1/2 hrs of Yorkshire carol singing for the Worrall Male voice Choir and friends. Even got in some of the symphonies!!! My Christmas was already made!




"Indeed, Merry Christmas, y'all! Lots of great stuff on this site this year, thanks to you all.


Now about this Worrall town, with the Blue Ball and Male voice choir....where is that? I must visit when next across the pond. Maybe there is an inheritance I've missed out on!


Dan Worrall"




Worrall is a small hill side village to the NW of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. heading towards the Pennine foothills.


Search for the Male Voice Choir website, and also for the 'Yorkshire Carols', 'Sheffield Carols' & 'Village Carols' for back ground stuff. In this area Choirs are in the hill villages, brass bands in the valley villages. The Blue Ball pub (some times known as the Frozen Knack.. because of its height and exposed position) is a renown carol singing site, (singing in parts with beer, until recently by local people in an oral tradition- sadly now hijacked by visitors from all over the place)


You could look up the 'de Worralls' land owners in the area since Bill the Conc sent his Norman Knights to sort out the northern Saxons, and other Sheffield football supporters.


There are also quite a number of concertina players in the area



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