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Music Genie Gives You Three Instruments


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As I have three concertinas at the moment, would I be faced with the impossible decision of deciding which one or more I had to part with to get another?


If that is not the case, I would choose:


- a Hayden system duet with a larger range than my present model, made

INSTANTLY by Colin & Rosalie Dipper


- a double action English bass concertina


- an English baritone concertina


Then I could form my own concertina quartet.


- John Wild :rolleyes:

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I like Jeff's thinking. I have a nice Rodriguez student grade guitar, how about a nice concert grade nylon string guitar? Next up would be a C/G anglo custom made with a low F# button that I could operate with my third finger instead of my pinky. Third would be a ukulele for my wife. No kidding. She really wants one. They're cheap so I'll get one soon for her.

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:rolleyes: Oh goody, now we're on a roll.


I'll ask for:


1. Breedlove mandolin (not too expensive and I like them)

2. A really spiffy piano accordion (I need help on what kind) (Yes, Jim, there are

spiffy piano accordions). (Behave or we won't let your genie find you.)

3. Well I already have my dream hammer dulcimer, and I am getting my concertina, so I'LL ASK FOR THE FRIDGE filled with food so the tone is just right. Food magically refilled as eaten so tone and volume remain accurate.




What else do we need? New responders can help us get more stuff for our island trip? Can we spend some time in the mountains too?



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:rolleyes: Cheers Morgana,


You get all 3 instruments and weekly sessions with friends.




Do you want to play the bottle thingy? You then get first dibs on drinking the contents!



No, of course you don't have to give up any of your instruments you presently have. This is not bartering.



Your mission is to convince the genie that ukeleles always come with pineapples and exotic Hawiaan fruit.


How are we doing so far?



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my choice would be an electronic instrument, one that adapted to whichever CD player, gehtto blaster or whatever the kids were using and AUTOMATICALLY TURNED IT OFF.


I could then hear my instruments and decide which two others I might just wish to upgrade!


Actually I am quite happy with what I have got, but an English System piccolo range would be nice.



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Not as easy as you might think is it, but I think I'd go for:


1: A 40 or 42 key jeffries anglo, with the first 36 buttons replicating the ones I already have and the extras filling in some of the gaps (a push Eb on and the bottom D on the left hand at least, and the A and B above the top G on the right hand at least).


2: A two and a half row 3 voice , 12 bass castagnari medolen, but lighter than their current offernings.


3: A Yanigasawa Tenor Saxophone, which I would give to my wife.



If I was not allowed to donate one to my wife I guess the third would have to be a one and half row four stop melodeon, which no-one seems to make these days.



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3: A Yanigasawa Tenor Saxophone, which I would give to my wife.


If I was not allowed to donate one to my wife....

Since it's impossible for anyone -- except possibly a Hindu god -- to play more than one instrument at a time, it would seem unreasonable that others should not be allowed to use your instruments once the genie has given them to you. So at next-to-worst you might have to let your wife borrow *your* saxophone whenever she wants. (Worst, of course, would be if some genie legislator has managed to stick a provision into the musical-wish law prohibiting you from loaning the fruits of your wishes to others.)

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I'll play!


1. Pete Seeger's lignum vitae neck, tubaphone banjo.


2. Mary MacNamara's Wheatstone anglo with Mary MacNamara attached!


3. A prime 30b C/G Jeffries in tempered tuning with a good divorce lawyer attached. (My wife knows, I hope, that I'm just not really into physical attachments.)


Nice topic. A needed relief from serious discussions.

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:o Hey Clive,


This is magical, of course you can get something for your wife. I think you should get all 3 of your wishes and the one for your wife because you are being generous. In fact, I'd give you my refrigerator wish if no one minds. But I think we need the food so let's just say the genie would definitely give you all your wishes. And anyway, Jim agrees, so we must be right.


Hey Greg,


Glad you liked it.



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1. An Edgely 24-button with ebony finish and silver ends (which I am about to order, but it would be spiffy as heck to get a free one!)


2. A 1890-1910 Wheatstone 48-button English in perfect working order.


3. A baby grand piano, tuned.

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