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Unique 20 Key C/g Lachenal For Sale

Dave Prebble

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Hi everyone,


I am putting up a rather nice 20 key C/G Lachenal for sale here.


Provided I have managed to upload the pictures, you will see that this is a little out of the ordinary.


When I got this instrument the ends were damaged beyond restoration but as it had a lovely bright set of steel reeds, I dug out a piece of walnut and indulged myself in a spot of fretwork cutting. You must judge the results for yourself but I can guarantee this is the only Lachenal in existence looking quite like this.


Following minor repairs, the bellows have been completely rebound and new papers fitted to match the originals.


A full overhaul includes new pads, valves, bushings, dampers, springs and retuning from old pitch to A440


The instrument plays quick and well, has a fine bright tone and will provide a great starting point for a new player or as an upgrade for somone more experienced.


No case unfortunately, but this realy deserves better than the old Lachenal wooden cases


Send an email or message me if you might be interested or need any further information.


Additional pictures are available on request


Regards to all


Dave Prebble

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