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I said I wouldn't be posting something until after the winter holidays, but...here I am again.


Anyway, just want to mention this nice website, The Social Web (.net) where it is possible to post news about events after signing up for a free membership. It's fairly easy to do -- I managed to post a note about an art exhibit, once, so....if I can do it, you can!


Browsing around the site, I see that it mostly relates to the Northeastern United States, which makes sense since the site owner is from this area, but it appears that others are certainly welcome and I have seen some events posted from far-away places, too. (EDIT ADDED....Ooops...it's only available in the USA, I see, after a second look.)


I receive a daily e-mail with listings of events from The Social Web, since I signed-up for that, and so I can easily find out about a lot of stuff going on. (Ironically, I am quite the hermitess, but....whatever.)


So, CONCERTINA PLAYERS, maybe the Social Web needs to hear from us, huh?


(...Or, I dunno....are we safer in the dark? Hmm....)


(typo edit.)

(Another edit....re, only for USA.)

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Perhaps it would be better to post things on the What's On page of the ICA web site, which of course is dedicated to concertina events and is world-wide in scope. The page is here. The running of the calendar has recently been taken over by c.net member Jonathan Taylor, so if you want to list an event you could either pm him through c.net, or use the ICA email address. Said address they have rather cleverly made available as an image so that spammers can't pick it up:- events_graphic.gif



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