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After the threads on sessions/old time/learning by ear, I wondered if any of you would care to post some links which may be of interest to some or all of us here, so we can hear and see some music to learn from or listen to.


I know that there are loads out there and most are free.


One I have used with great success which is about the cost of buying 1 cd a month (but you do get a free trial) is www.emusic.com every genre of music is covered and no limits on how many cds you can download. It really boosted my collection and is very easy to use.


www.mp3.com I am sure most will already know of and is free, check out *lothlorien* it was one of the first I downloaded and is a lovely cd.


Sheet music/abc's there are loads of them depending on the genre of music you want.


I've started, so any more out there?



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Here's some that I like:






http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/amhome.html (then, click to sheet music, etc.)


There are SO many more great sites for resources....There's The Contemplator...search that one...I don't have the URL right now...


These are just a few good ones.

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These are able to be listened to as they are broadcast (video footage on kennedy) or listened to later. If you are clever, then you could even download and save them.


The first one has a huge archive of all genres of music.



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I need to get back here to concertina.net later to the thread about polkas/reels/modes/etc... but, I'm sneaking in here for a moment to add this great site that I just happened to find while looking for some lyrics:




If you start at the home page and click around to various links, you'll find that the site seems endless! LOTS of stuff....traditional tunes, Irish, Etc., Hymns, whatever.


back later...

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  • 2 weeks later...

:o Am I the only one here? Oh, well... who cares...


Just wanted to say, don't forget about the 'old' concertina.net site...or, maybe I should say, the ORIGINAL site. The TUNE-O-TRON there is still pretty cool, you know!


After looking around at various tune-posting sites on the internet, I kind of prefer that one.

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This Sunday evening 10pm live over the internet or catch up to 1 week later to listen.


This is a very special live performance recorded earlier this year.


It is *not* concertina *but* if you are interested in irish music and especially Clare then you will have to listen in.


It is Martin Hayes and Denis Cahill. Martin has often played with Mary MacNamara.


He has a wonderful style and is very easy to listen too. Real *listening* music.




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