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Peter Brook

Cross Training Benefits

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Just a note on my experiences of the last few months. I was fortunate enough to be given a cheap melodeon (Vienna Accordeon for non-english readers) recently and I started playing it in the last week of August. I've probably played it for about 20 minutes per day most days which has been a lot of fun. During this time I've not had so much time to play the concertina, but last night I had an extended practice on my anglo. The difference in my playing is astonishing. I have got so much more finger strength and arm strength that I am able to really punch a tune out now, but I can also play much quieter and keep the accents and punch in there! Also I am thinking much more in terms of the whole music, not just concentrating on the tune, which gives a much richer aural experience. Playing triplets and bellows reversals are also smoother and easier.


I've basically advanced my anglo playing on a great deal by playing the melodeon!


In the past I have also had mild carpal tunnel problems but am not suffering today at all. Previously I would have needed the anti-inflamatories after such a long practice in order to use the mouse today.


I'm not saying that my experience is relevant to everyone but I am very surprised at the positive results.


all the best,



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