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Newbie Question

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Greetings folks.

I play smallpipes, bagpipes etc.... reeded instruments so to speak and was wondering if the concertina reeds require a "break-in" period. I recently aquired a small concertina and noticed that the more I play it, the more air it seems to take. Almost like the reeds have opened up too much??????? I have been careful not to pull or squeeze without playing a note so as not to ruin the reeds and want to know if this is normal.

It's a little Italian "English" concertina with the name Stagi on it. I'm thinking I will buy a better one in the future so any recomendatioons would also be helpful.



Thanks in advance.



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:rolleyes: Hi,


I know nothing about breaking in reeds; however, there was a whole thread about this topic. I located the thread, but don't know how to help you locate it. So, I will try posting to it and then it will reappear. Sorta like magic. Of course, there is probably a much easier way to do this.


The thread is called breaking in reeds.



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