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My Latest New Online Place To Haunt

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;) Hello...


I recently started on online journal specifically for music/concertina related thoughts.


It's 'private' and whatever I say about it will show up in THIS post that I'm now writing...but, I can manage to give the name of it and a temporary reader's login password.


It's under the name geranimom.


So, if you go to http://www.opendiary.com, on the left sidebar you'll see a spot for a Reader's Login.


The TEMPORARY password to use is: NovFirst (which is also the last day that it will work, there).


So, if you're really bored and just feel like nosing around websites, there ya go.


Then, of course, if you wish to be able to keep reading the diary, after November 1st, you'll have to let me know.


See ya all...I have to go rake some leaves.

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:lol: Hiya,


I'm doing something wrong. Couldn't get in.



Hmm...a couple of other people have mentioned having that problem with that website. Sigh...well, it SHOULD work....and, it did, when I tested it a while ago. So, I don't know...maybe it was just some fluke at the time.


I don't know if maybe you'll get a lot of pop-up ads, there. I certainly recommend to anyone that wants to start a diary at that site to go ahead and pay the small fee to upgrade from 'free' diary to the 'plus' version -- so there's no ads!


Of course, to read things there is free.

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