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Traditional Music And 'classical' Theory

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Guest Peter Laban
But I confess to feeling rather hurt that Peter thinks my views express those of an outsider's perspective. I am not hurt for my own sake, it's just the whole idea that a music of the people can have outsiders. One of the interesting aspects of a tradition that has no recognised development systems is that participants are always reliant on other people's sufferance as to whether they have 'paid their dues' or not. I rather hoped that this thread might throw-up synergies between genres but it may have achieved the exact opposite. Readers might like to note that I came to all music after being an untrained, 'couldn't read a note' jazz pianist for several years. So, does that put me one step nearer the sainted vaults of 'keep it real' credibility as a 'fellow' player from an aural heritage, unspoilt by the evils of understanding, or does it push me further away as a dreaded jack-of-all-trades?



I put 'outsider' in quotation marks for a reason.


I didn't mean to use it in any excluding way (some people might though and do. I am not one of them).


Despite of what you say above though I can't help but think approach this from your own theoretical background, supplanting specific knowledge/theory with the approaches you bring with you. That's partly why I used the 'outsider' remark, your way of approaching and thinking is in a way alien to the music I am talking about. As far as I remember I early on agreed that having as much knowledge about any specific music can only be helpful. But, and I come back to the same point over and over, only if the music you're approaching is met on it's own terms and it's own set of specific knowledge (and specific ways, think everything entailed in the aural/oral transmission process, of aquiring that knowledge) and aesthetic values. And to be honest, I don't get the feeling that that essential point is taken (seeing how some of my examples of traditional musicians wit han intimate knowledge of their given field were dismissed as 'shamanistic' and 'mystery creating').


At this point I lack the time (and by now the inclination) to go further into this discussion at any length.

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