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What Do We All Look Like?

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All right so I'm a sad techy sort of guy, but now we have image upload we can all see what each other looks like, well at least for those who are brave enough to post a picture. :)



You can now see I am slightly more cute than my avatar!!


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OK, I'm game, since there's a picture already to hand. There have been a few changes since this photo was taken. Anne has let her hair go gracefully grey, while I have lost about 30 lb. I'm playing my Dipper baritone, while Anne is holding her Wheatstone 1850's English.





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Hi concertinists,


To please Paul, I have added a modest photo, featuring (in order of importance) my grandson, trying to destroy my old concertina and me more or less looking for notes.

This old concertina has now more or less been eaten by my grandson.

By the way: the avatar shows my granddaughter, playing harmonica. In a few years I will persuade her to try a concertina.




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Here's me in a sort of altered, squished-box form. There's one on my website's main page that is a bit...uh, more like me.


My father took the original photo of me at my daughter's high school graduation party this past summer. I didn't really like the original, but it was fun to twist it up like this!

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Ah, so the Morse Hayden is a reality! :)


(Once again, the lack of the tree structure makes it harder to understand what this quip is in response to. Multiple posts intervened between Rich's post/picture and this one. And one of those was in response to my own post/picture, which was similarly separated.)

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