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Wierd Concertina On Ebay

Chris Allert

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I have a picture of an 1880 John Crabb concertina (compliments of Geoff Crabb) with metal ends, sides and fret work cut into the sides. I was unable to attach the picture.


Perhaps Geoff could help us out with visuals, thoughts and history? And any additional insights into Mr. Carr?



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Hi all,


I'm sure Geoff Crabb could tell us a lot about these. I have seen early (J. Crabb) instruments with frettted metal sides to the action case (such as those once owned by Peter Bellamy and by Scan Tester) and also at least one similar with C. Jeffries stamp. If memory serves these other concertinas had thinner vines to the fretwork and no cartouche on the LH side. The one in this ebay auction has a couple of features that suggest a later date to me -- just a hunch really. I bet the layout as listed for the LH side is twisted a bit (i.e. does not really show what the instrument has) but again who can know for sure without the instrument in hand.


The 48 keys might come in handy for those now busting fingers to learn the Blakeney-Edwards arrangements from the brilliant new "Anglo International" cd (see other threads about this).



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