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Jg France On E-bay

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Hallo Peter,

Funny thing I looked at this concertina today and liked the look of it.

The bellows if you look closely are repaired but are seven or eight fold.

The decoration gold blocking is the same as Jeffries,but the nameplate hole is identical to my Wheatstone Linota.

The description is a bit worrying about the reeds but if it has not been played for some time then it is possible that they may be rusted up,but it is a thirty button instrument.

I found it interesting that the very nice twenty button wooden ended fretted Lachenal is being sold by the same person who has the last bid for this one.At the current prices I reckon he is doing well.

It is very much a risk for the state of the instrument I would have preffered it with the bellows opened.Whatever the state there is obviously some restoration work for someone here.



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This concertina was made by George Jones as has been suggested.I have an identical model in C/G in very good playing order.Having seen many Jones Anglo's over the years this model would appear to be towards the better end of the range made by Jones.The bellows are very finely made and the gold embossing is a lot finer than you find on Jeffries & Crabbs of the same era.

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