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A Musical Experiment


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Ken ... plays dance tunes at full speed on both instruments...
As does Rick Epping, who has also been doing it for many years.


I guess it's probably easier to accomplish on two instruments as disimilar as the English concertina and mouth organ, the Anglo might prove too confusing altogether ? :huh:

Seems to me that same argument would suggest that one should have difficulty coordinating the two hands on an anglo or duet.

Not really, unless one end was in (say) C/G, and the other one in D/A ? :huh: :blink: :o


The difficulty arises more because (in Irish music) you would be playing a C/G Anglo and a D mouth organ simultaneously. I have met several people who have come to playing concertina or melodeon from the mouth organ, and find that their mouths are still sucking and blowing whilst playing the bellows-powered instrument.


I expect that the amount of difficulty depends on the individual making the attempt.

I think that is always the case.


I wonder if Rick could manage a foot bass too ? :unsure:

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