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Sid Chaiken..anyone Familiar With This Name?

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Hi Folks:


I recently surprised (shocked) my mother and father at a recent family visit when I played my concertina for them for the first time.


They had no idea that I was learning or even had interest in the concertina up until I presented them with a "performance" a few months ago on their return up here in the northeast from their winter residence down south.


Anyway, when I finished playing, my father told me that his brother (my uncle, who unfortunately passed away shortly before I was on the scene, and whom I never had the pleasure of knowing) was a very good friend of a concertinist by the name of Sid Chaiken.


This would have probably been during the 1940's (an estimate) and would no doubt have been in the New York City area where my family (and myself) originate from and spent the better part of their/our/my lives.


I was shocked to learn that there was a family concertina connection and asked several questions of my father, most of which went unanswered, concerning my Uncle's pal, Sid.


I though maybe my father had mistaken the instrument Mr. Chaiken played for an accordion, but he insisted it was a little round instrument and looked like the instrument I had in my hands.


In any event, I would love to find out any information about this concertinist.


Is anyone out there familiar with this name or can anyone lead me to somewhere where I might find out more.


I've already searched the web using his name with no results.


Any information would be very much appreciated by both my father and myself.



Perry Werner

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The name sounds familiar. Unfortunately, that's as close as it gets; I don't remember any context or other details. I suspect he's someone I heard about but never succeeded in locating when I was looking for concertina players during my own early playing days in New York.


I will, of course, tell you if I discover some old note with more information. But don't hold your breath.

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