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Wanted: Concertina Player, For A Skiffle Band

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I play baritone ukulele, and a little harmonica.

I'm looking for a concertina , and another uke player, or two, to join me in a skiffle band.

We'll play blues, folk, jigs, sea chanties, and cowboy songs - three chords and a whole lot of fun.

I'm 36, and I've been playing seriously for about a year.

Beginners are welcome, if you want to be in a band, but think you might not be good enough, send me an email.

I want to play regularly, and eventually play at parks and festivals.

All small timbre, accoustic, instruments; everyone singing, trading verses and harmonizing choruses, lots of play, lots of fun.

Cool songs like: Frankie and Johnny, Blow the Man Down, St James Infirmary and Git Along Little Dogies.


charles92027 (at) yahoo.com

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Mr Janik, Place the same kind of request here, and maybe on some other forums. Ukulele forums, if there are any.


It worked for Charles! It could work as well for you, I am guessing. There's bound to be a few someones interested in forming a band with you.


Russell Hedges

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