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Suttner E1 For Sale

Dan Stener

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Suttner E1 English Concertina




Jürgen Suttner



Standard Treble

48 German Silver Buttons

Silver Metal Ends

6-fold Goatskin Bellows

May 2004

As-new Original Condition

No scratches, blemishes, or tarnishing




From Suttner Web Site Catalog Description


E1: English concertina

• Keys: 48 buttons, solid German silver

• Ends: raised hardwood ends in black or raised German Silver ends

• Bellows: 6-fold leather bellows, goatskin

• Tuning: treble tuning, range from g to c''''; tenor tuning, range from c to f'''

• Levers: riveted

• Reeds: single steel reeds in brass frames

• Reed pan construction: Wheatstone construction, reed chambers in a circle

• Size: 160 mm diameter (6.3 in.)

• Six-sided


New @ 2005 price:


EUR = 4,390

GBP = 3,015

USD = 5,295



This one - 85% of new price:


EUR = 3,750

GBP = 2,575

USD = 4,500


Buyer responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance and any duties applied


Please e-mail with any questions and expressions of interest.


Be Well,



Edited by Dan Stener
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