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Bibliotheque National Quebec

Mark Evans

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The inlaws arrived this weekend from Quebec to celebrate the 12th birthday of my son Claude. I played for them a few takes from a recording project with Acadian fiddler Leo LeBlanc.


Grandpa got very enthusiatic and insisted I visit the Bibliotheque National Quebec website. What a nice collection of old recordings they have on line. Grandpa used to play the PA and we just had the best time clicking on "reel" titles and watching grandma come dancing into the study smiling and laughing.


I've learned three so far and one I hope to suprise my fiddler with "Reel de Leo".


I wonder how many other national libraries offer something like this.




It was suprising to encounter a healthy number of "shared" dance music with the celtic cultures.

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Thank you, Mark. What a musical gift you have passed on. I play some of the reels on concertina. It's interesting to hear how they were played 60 or 90 years ago, and compare how Jean Carignan, and others, have recorded them recently. It's also a good site for finding more tunes to learn.


I will give the web site address to some friends in Victoria who are originally from Quebec. They will be very pleased.



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I'm pleased you enjoyed the site Rod.


All week I've spent time with these recordings and have felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment at being able to play along with these long gone artists (after many frustrating starts). Their phrasing is very interesting and radically changed my thinking on several reels already in my repertoir. Some of the keys were a suprise :blink: .


The hair stood up on the back of my neck as I joined in the ensemble accompanying Marie Bolduc on "La Bastringue". Virtual time travel. What a voice she had...like a trumpet on steroids! "La Bastringue" is a new year's tradition in Quebec and I hope to have Dominique sing it with me after the benediction as the new year begins and the party really gets started!

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