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Image Uploads Enabled!

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Okay, I figured out what was broken with image uploads, and since it's a cool feature, I'm willing to trust you all to use it wisely and not overload my server.


So you can now upload image and text files up to 120 Kb each, by simply using the "File Attachments" area of the message posting form. Images will automatically be displayed in the body of the message, and text files will be linked to. Try to remember to name your files in a "friendly" format, so use the ".txt" extension for text files, and ".jpg", ".gif" or ".png" for images, and don't use any spaces or other strange characters in the file name.


Cool, huh?!? See, I DO love you, and this is another neat feature of this new system... will make posting ads in the Buy/Sell forum a LOT better.



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