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Irish Bouzouki

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I am looking for plans to build an Irish Bouzouki?


anyone out there with a set of plans not being used?


if so let me know and we can talk e-mail off site




Dave York


Thunder Bay Ont



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Have you not tried some googling already ?

I seem to remember finding, I think, both plans and someones photos of his stages in building one only a few weeks ago.

Personally I cheated and went on Ebay and picked one up for half-price, but this is not a recommended way of working - the mother of my children is not happy, and I shall have to sell my second concertina to fund this ! I had previously only managed to get more instruments in the house by building them, but I was a little doubtful about coping with some of the mechanical problems of building a bouzouki - long narrow neck, lots of strings, sturdy soundboard required for all that string tension.


But - that's my insecurities - good luck !



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